Nestling in the grandeur and beauty of towering snow-capped mountains; with the mighty Kanchenjunga (King of the Mountains) dominating the somber, snowy sentinels, lies a jewel of a town — elegant, sophisticated and incredibly beautiful; the name of Tibetan origin means where Indra’s thunderbolt or scepter rested, (Dodi-thunder bolt, Ling-place). In Sanskrit, the name, derived from the world ‘Dorjee Ling’, means ‘Siva of invincible prowess, who rules the Himalayas’. The official name of the town is Darjeeling.

Sikkim is famous for Kanchenjunga, at 8598 mtrs, which is third highest mountain in the world. Being second smallest state in India, Sikkim covers 7,096 sq kms and measures 110 kms from north to south and 64 kms from east to west.

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